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Who is sore throat, who knows this Chinese medicine can not leave

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Dry throat pain,
sleep well,
the first performance is throat pain.
Basically repeated every month,
this is the feeling,
With a swollen throat and no eating,
I always feel something is in it.
There is also a feeling that the throat is always itchy,
always feel something stuck in the throat.
Its been my feeling for a while,
and overall its uncomfortable.
First come,
first served.
I went to the Department of ENT of our hospital a lot,
let him out of his mind.
The old man has a good relationship with me and jokes me that he has two sides: bitter and not bitter.
I try to say bitter.
He said you go to the pharmacy to get wintercherry drink water,
slowly good.
I really got it,
and really drank,
and the magic is that its really nice at last.
So I learned the power of franchetgroundcherrycalyx.
its a lot of stuff in my h