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What is the huge gold mine that breaks through 7000 future investments?

ring second half of last year,
had raised a brother Wang Yawei to play well in the new board,
equity market,
a natural person,
the name of the company and product investment ten standard,
some are pure equity investment stage intervention.
Jie Jie you want to know the three new board it? It is about the old three Jies latest subscription number: unveiling new three board only ID number: jiemuxinsanban - long press copy,
search and attention in the search for friends paste) the three new board has 7094 listed company,
the new board has been implemented on the true meaning of the registration system,
many smaller or not yet profitable companies can be listed,
is Chinese real nasdaq.
The old and finds that there are many interesting companies are listed,
such as making sex toy hall,
the famous Tianya community website,
and journey to the west was filmed in Flaming Mountains,
listing the.
This old interest greatly increased,
so monkey year,
old Jie will open the study of the three new board tour.