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Two senior officials in Beijing for the allocation of candidates places, noisy turn upside down

ring  Ge North Source: markthem (ID:markthem),
a Northern Song Dynasty,
two of our well-known ministers,
shaking the wall.
A smashing Sima Guang,
a drunken Ou Yangxiu.
The topic of their quarrel is about the allocation of places in the college entrance examination.
Its important to remind you that Sima Guang is from the north and from Shanxi.
Ou Yangxiu is from the South and from Jiangxi.
since the Tang Dynasty to resume the imperial examination system,
the candidates have been dominated by the northern candidates.
The local candidates from the capital,
but also accounted for a large light - Changan allocation of places far more than other regions.
We are all the same candidates,
are reading,
Confucius teaching materials,
are to Beijing to test the national unified volume.
if you were born in such places as Jiangsu,
then Im sorry,
every time you go to Beijing exam,
there are only 2-3 candidates in Jiangsu.
And if you were born in Changan,
then congratulations,
every time you ha