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The horizon Chinese Americans live frugally to teach you how to save money in the teeth (welfare should not be missed at the end of the paper)

ring are famous for spending ahead and not saving money.
The picture from the network but the British Daily Mail said recently,
the latest survey shows that although Americans today,
can save money but also reach the peak of perfection.
At least 1/3 of Americans admit that they sometimes participate in art shows or collective events simply because they can mix and drink.
1/5 of the people have taken toilet paper from home toilets for home use.
When eating out,
Americans follow most of the napkins,
followed by ketchup and sugar packets.
Stay at the hotel,
this is a good opportunity to lose,
but also can not let go,
light bulbs,
bath curtains.
All income is in the bag.
USA famous soap opera Friends,
Ross collected and take away the hotel supplies.
(video capture) and 1/4 of Americans say that if private cars are out of order,
they will risk running for a while in order to save money for repairs!!! Its really saving money with your life.
Said Chinese live frugally,
but Americans look