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Ren Zhengfei talking about high housing prices

ring nance three minutes (ID:qgq1818) comprehensive self: participation in the inside,
south window today,
Chinas most respected people shelled high prices! Chinas most respected entrepreneurs,
Ren Zhengfei,
no one dared to say second.
The China todays greatest entrepreneurs,
led Chinese technology companies HUAWEI,
good governance,
with wolf spirit and humanistic feelings,
communication in manufacturing high-tech fields,
blaze a trail,
and topped the industry in the world first throne.
We may be difficult to imagine Chinese enterprises would sit in the high-tech field leading how hard it is,
how much to pay the price,
this is the choice of one of the most difficult long road,
there is no opportunistic,
really rely on hard and hard skills play out.
Chinese real world beating companies only HUAWEI,
other companies are not outstanding enterprises in the world,
HUAWEIs size and competitiveness far exceeds the sum of the BAT,
this is a really worth all Chinese respected companies,
all entr