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Mo Yan's life should have been so

ring  of green to anchor A Cheng read audio background music: Do you in the Mo Yan years ago I told a classmate talk.
When his wife had just died,
he told me that when he was sorting his wifes things,
he found a silk scarf that they had bought at a famous shop when they were on a trip to New York.
It is a famous elegant,
beautiful scarf,
high price tag still attached to it,
his wife has been reluctant to use,
she wanted a special day to.
Here he stopped,
and I did not answer,
and after a while he said,
do not keep anything good for a special occasion.
Every day that you live is a special occasion.
whenever I think of this a few words,
I often will do the chores aside and find a novel,
open sound,
lying on the couch,
take some time to myself.
Ill enjoy the view of the fresh river from the French window.
I dont mind the dust on the glass.
Ill take my family out to eat,
no matter what the food is at home.
Life should be an experience we cherish,
not a day to live.
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