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Lock profit 65 half year financial management finally gentle, spike my tears rush

ring n the beginning,
Xiao Bian really refused! 4% of bank financing,
4% of treasury bonds,
5% of the public funds of the various financial products,
and cuddle in the arms,
I do not know who is the baby of all kinds of baby products.
Before 2015,
these have been in my eyes only grandpa aunt,
financial small white,
network cock wire will vote for financial products,
Im all rejected.
Guaranteed financial management has never been a small series of dishes,
turned over and turned over the stock is small pursuit of true love! Once,
Xiao Bian will also inquire around the grapevine,
every day staring at the K-line trend,
technical fundamentals,
a small horse picked,
hold over Niugu,
singing all the way excited to see gains.
Xiao Bian also turn on the TV every day to listen to the so-called stock market experts: long term moving average MACD,
KDJ numerical technique on the bottom,
stocks will rise,
felt good good good sense,
but the reality of it? Second days to see,
the experts