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Jing Chai framed a man after whoring

ring ng Chai source: Sina blog,
a few years ago I interviewed a person.
He was framed for prostitution,
and the evidence was made by a prostitute who was detained for 42 days and released.
The headmaster couldnt do it,
and his sons marriage blew up,
His father is a big gangster,
can he still be good? He told sixteen years,
the road can not bring two money,
but also asked people to dig out the bag,
pick up other peoples food.
I asked him what was the worst thing about it.
The hardest thing to do is when Im running a party,
Im not a party member,
he said.
I * - we found fifteen year old prostitutes.
Since nothing has happened from the beginning to the end,
why did I see you clearly talking about the transaction with the principal in the police inquiry,
and the time and place was very clear? She said everything was directed by others.
She was an ordinary high school student.
She ran away from home and went to a station.
A man named Tian gave her dinner and then let her make money from