chrome hearts
air max

He is worth ten thousand to ten billion by two words

ring a builder in Taipei who used it wisely in the industry as a young man.
Then he,
although considerable business acumen,
things are sophisticated,
but for many years,
not only cause no improvement,
finally ended in failure.
In those days lost and confused,
his reflection on their own failure constantly,
want to break the skull can not find the answer.
On intelligence,
on diligence,
on strategy,
he is not inferior to others,
why is someone successful,
and he is farther and farther away from success? Bored when he came to the street aimlessly idling,
passing through a Book kiosk,
bought a newspaper look casually.
Looking at his eyes,
suddenly a bright,
the newspapers words as his heart hit things that vanishes in a flash.
he takes ten thousand yuan for the principal battles,
shopping malls.
This time,
his business seems to be enchanted,
the impurities from the shop to the cement plant,
from the contractors to builders,
downstream partners for I wish you a happy voyage.
Within a few ye