chrome hearts
air max

For the love you did the most courageous decision is what a warm light Nocturne

ring light Nocturne and updated in every night,
chatting with everyone for reclining in bed stay hair topic.
Or is it a key that opens every sleepless night,
the door to your memories?.
We are more willing to listen to your voice than to talk.
Friends of fish sauce lamp said: the most regret is that the age of 24 is no longer the age of 18 for the first time meet the brave love is inferiority so dear to you for love has done the most courageous decision is what? So the storm in 2010,
I was a kitchen apprentice,
you are the school students in reading,
the chance that we know you are beautiful and clean,
you are so cute smile on your face.
And I know your bottom line is 170 boys,
every day I a dirty (162 side dishes in the kitchen),
the height,
I do not know where the courage I chase you,
nobody wanted me,
nobody wanna see us together,
but without you and I together,
I still remember I asked what you will be with me,
you said: because of your sincerity,
your love,
your courage.
You for me in spite of s