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China public relations industry survey report released in 2015, speed network selected the most growth firms

ring  2016,
the China International Public Relations Association (CIPRA) issued the Chinas public relations industry 2015 annual survey report,
the report is divided into annual rankings,
industry survey and analysis of two parts.
Among them,
the 2015 annual list of companies including TOP company and the most growth firms two list,
TOP company has 25,
the most growth firms has 10.
The list below: 2015,
the trend of Internet plus depth all walks of life,
China public relations market continued to grow rapidly on the basis of 2014.
The development of new media marketing (online public relations,
social media,
) is swift and violent.
According to the survey,
in 2015,
the annual market size of the whole market was about 43 billion yuan,
with an annual growth rate of 13.
For the first time to enter the list of the most growth firms speed transit network,
new media ecology Chinese leading operators,
including a system of three new media products of micro media alliance,
micro Community Allianc