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Apple gave 1 billion dollars in red envelopes, and then it happened

ring  starts with AppSo,
micro signal appsolution.
Its a professional media that lets smartphone better use,
and focuses on recommending new cool app,
games and practical skills,
dedicated to getting more people to live in a quality digital lifestyle.
This morning,
apple officially announced its  billion investment.
This big news can be summed up in one sentence.
If you want more information,
look at the video above! AppSo (micro signal appsolution) think,
this time Apple investment orange (drops registered company called little orange technology) is a perfect for their own fruit stall business.
We couldnt help opening a hole in the brain and imagine what changed it to bits and pieces.
We tried to design several apple fan LOGO for bits and pieces.
As for the screen screen,
is likely to become so with an Apple: Drive.
The original left,
the right brain hole version,
after all,
An apple a day keeps doctor away the - so it seems safe to sit down,
there will be no accident.
If drops of