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A top secret intelligence prompted the Red Army to start twenty-five thousand li long march

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In October 1934,
due to the left line of the wrong leadership,
the Central Red Army after more than a year of hard work,
failed to break the fifth encirclement and suppression of the enemy,
was forced to embark on a long road twenty-five thousand known to the world.
There are many factors determining the long march of the Red Army,
but little is known about the fact that there is a top secret intelligence which will prompt the temporary Central Committee of the party to make a strategic shift.
The drum plan in late September 1934,
Jiang Jieshi held a secret military conference in Mount Lu,
re adjust the deployment of troops in the fifth encirclement and suppression,
and in his German consultant general Hans von Seeckts plan,
made a thorough destroy the Central Red Armys iron plan.
The plan is to build 1 million 500 thousand army,
270 aircraft and 200