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He is worth ten thousand to ten billion by two words

ring a builder in Taipei who used it wisely in the industry as a young man.
Then he,
although considerable business acumen,
things are sophisticated,
but for many years,
not only cause no improvement,
finally ended in failure.
In those days lost and confused,
his reflection on their own failure constantly,
want to break the skull can not find the answer.
On intelligence,
on diligence,
on strategy,
he is not inferior to others,
why is someone successful,
and he is farther and farther away from success? Bored when he came to the street aimlessly idling,
passing through a Book kiosk,
bought a newspaper look casually.
Looking at his eyes,
suddenly a bright,
the newspapers words as his heart hit things that vanishes in a flash.
he takes ten thousand yuan for the principal battles,
shopping malls.
This time,
his business seems to be enchanted,
the impurities from the shop to the cement plant,
from the contractors to builders,
downstream partners for I wish you a happy voyage.
Within a few ye

Jing Chai framed a man after whoring

ring ng Chai source: Sina blog,
a few years ago I interviewed a person.
He was framed for prostitution,
and the evidence was made by a prostitute who was detained for 42 days and released.
The headmaster couldnt do it,
and his sons marriage blew up,
His father is a big gangster,
can he still be good? He told sixteen years,
the road can not bring two money,
but also asked people to dig out the bag,
pick up other peoples food.
I asked him what was the worst thing about it.
The hardest thing to do is when Im running a party,
Im not a party member,
he said.
I * - we found fifteen year old prostitutes.
Since nothing has happened from the beginning to the end,
why did I see you clearly talking about the transaction with the principal in the police inquiry,
and the time and place was very clear? She said everything was directed by others.
She was an ordinary high school student.
She ran away from home and went to a station.
A man named Tian gave her dinner and then let her make money from

Two senior officials in Beijing for the allocation of candidates places, noisy turn upside down

ring  Ge North Source: markthem (ID:markthem),
a Northern Song Dynasty,
two of our well-known ministers,
shaking the wall.
A smashing Sima Guang,
a drunken Ou Yangxiu.
The topic of their quarrel is about the allocation of places in the college entrance examination.
Its important to remind you that Sima Guang is from the north and from Shanxi.
Ou Yangxiu is from the South and from Jiangxi.
since the Tang Dynasty to resume the imperial examination system,
the candidates have been dominated by the northern candidates.
The local candidates from the capital,
but also accounted for a large light - Changan allocation of places far more than other regions.
We are all the same candidates,
are reading,
Confucius teaching materials,
are to Beijing to test the national unified volume.
if you were born in such places as Jiangsu,
then Im sorry,
every time you go to Beijing exam,
there are only 2-3 candidates in Jiangsu.
And if you were born in Changan,
then congratulations,
every time you ha

Van Gaal, I'll probably finish school in the summer

ring he above Manchester United fans nets can subscribe,
according to Manchester evening news,
if Manchester City in the Premier League final battle with Swansea in more than one point,
Manchester United will miss the Champions League next season.
Lewis - Van Gaal admits he will be in a shaky position for Manchester United next season.
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Heat wins Raptors to grab seven, Wade set a record

ring mi home court victory over Toronto,
the series snatches seven,
Dwayne - Wade played 36 minutes,
21 voted 8 to get 22 points and 6 rebounds,
5 assists,
2 steals and 3 blocked shots,
after opening the scoring,
Wade in the next two sections in the soy sauce,
the Raptors tough defense that Wade could not find the feeling but,
in the end,
the Raptors continuously launch counterattack climax poor will be close to 6 points,
Wade Glenealy 8 points,
plus two key defense,
lead the heat to hold not easily won.
After the game Wade playoff career total score to 3765 points,
surpassing Olajuwon (3755 points) to the league history of the twelfth,
came in front of him was Ha Free Cheiks 3776 points,
3885 points and Parke Byrds 3897 points,
if the heat can get through this difficult period and Toronto Knight Wade will never rendezvous East,
across more milepost.
By the way,
Wade will also cover up to the number of playoff career 166 times,
at the same time to lead the guard,
beyond his friend Lebron (164),

Ren Zhengfei talking about high housing prices

ring nance three minutes (ID:qgq1818) comprehensive self: participation in the inside,
south window today,
Chinas most respected people shelled high prices! Chinas most respected entrepreneurs,
Ren Zhengfei,
no one dared to say second.
The China todays greatest entrepreneurs,
led Chinese technology companies HUAWEI,
good governance,
with wolf spirit and humanistic feelings,
communication in manufacturing high-tech fields,
blaze a trail,
and topped the industry in the world first throne.
We may be difficult to imagine Chinese enterprises would sit in the high-tech field leading how hard it is,
how much to pay the price,
this is the choice of one of the most difficult long road,
there is no opportunistic,
really rely on hard and hard skills play out.
Chinese real world beating companies only HUAWEI,
other companies are not outstanding enterprises in the world,
HUAWEIs size and competitiveness far exceeds the sum of the BAT,
this is a really worth all Chinese respected companies,
all entr

China public relations industry survey report released in 2015, speed network selected the most growth firms

ring  2016,
the China International Public Relations Association (CIPRA) issued the Chinas public relations industry 2015 annual survey report,
the report is divided into annual rankings,
industry survey and analysis of two parts.
Among them,
the 2015 annual list of companies including TOP company and the most growth firms two list,
TOP company has 25,
the most growth firms has 10.
The list below: 2015,
the trend of Internet plus depth all walks of life,
China public relations market continued to grow rapidly on the basis of 2014.
The development of new media marketing (online public relations,
social media,
) is swift and violent.
According to the survey,
in 2015,
the annual market size of the whole market was about 43 billion yuan,
with an annual growth rate of 13.
For the first time to enter the list of the most growth firms speed transit network,
new media ecology Chinese leading operators,
including a system of three new media products of micro media alliance,
micro Community Allianc